Our heart is to help you discover how you connect with God and provide you with practical steps to begin your journey to encountering God daily. 


Learn more about our culture,  get plugged into a community that is Christ centered and begin your journey  encountering God daily.


Building relationship with like minded brothers and sisters. Encouraging one another to grow closer to God.
We do this in community through cell groups & serving! 

At a Sunday service you can expect

We begin all our services with Worship. Tehillah is the Hebrew word for Praise in Psalms 40:3, which is the song of salvation. This is the heart of Tehillah.
You will hear an uncompromised preaching of the Word of God. Sound doctrine that is able to edify and transform us. Psalm 19:7
Our hope is that you will feel at home when you attend one of our services and feel like part of the family. 

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