Cell Groups


6:30 pm  North East Bakersfield
7:00pm East Bakersfield


7:00pm NW Bakersfield
7:00pm East Bakersfield
6:30pm East Bakersfield
7:00pm South Bakersfield
7:00pm NW Bakersfield

The Cell Group Ministry

The cell group ministry is an extension of Tehillãh church to reach
out to our community by providing a place focused on sharing the
Word of God and spreading the Gospel to our city. It is the
backbone of our church planting efforts.

Joining in a cell will provide you with great opportunities like:
1. Getting to know the body of Christ in a smaller setting.
2. Getting equip to fulfill the Great Commission.
3. It gives you the opportunity to be a part of the mission support and church planting of Tehillah.
4. It equips you to make disciples.
If you are ready to join a cell group near you, call our office at
(661) 871- 4458 or you can check out our cell group map by
clicking the button below.

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