Cell Groups

What is a Cell?

 The cell group ministry is an extension of Tehillãh church to reach
out to our community by providing a place focused on sharing the
Word of God and spreading the Gospel to our city. It is the
backbone of our church planting efforts.

Why Join a Cell?

Joining in a cell will provide you with great opportunities like:
1. Getting to know the body of Christ in a  smaller setting.
2. Getting equip to fulfill the Great Commission.
3. It gives you the opportunity to be a part of the mission support and church planting of Tehillah.
4. It equips you to make disciples.

How to join a Cell?

If you are ready to join a cell group near you, call our office at
(661) 871- 4458 or you can check out our cell group map by
clicking the button below.

When do Cells  meet?

We have Cell groups that meet through the week.
Monday- Friday evenings. 

Cell Group Meetups

7:00 pm  East Bakersfield 
6:30 pm   NE Bakersfield
** 3 locations in NE Bakersfield

7:00 pm  NE Bakersfield
7:00 pm   East Bakersfield
7:00 pm   Central Bakersfield
7:00 pm  Arivn
** 2 locations in Arvin

7:00 pm  SW  Bakersfield
7:00 pm  S Bakersfield
7:00 pm NW Bakersfield

Sign up for a Cell Group

We'd love to get you connected to a Cell group in your area.  Fill out the form below to get started.

Cell groups help people grow in their faith and build community. Our groups take place throughout the week in different neighborhoods, so use this form to find a group that's right for you.
We'd love to have you join us!